People ask Tanya – Note from Tanya

People ask me, Tanya, why are you so busy, when there is a downturn and the mining industry has slowed down? I say, after 14 years in the RealEstate industry I have seen many ups and downs. RealEstate in Mackay does not just solely, rely on the mining industry. People and families still need a roof over their heads, either way. People still need to upgrade, downgrade, move closer to schools and family. I had one client tell me yesterday, “Oh now the mining boom is over there will be no new families coming to Mackay, so no-one will be buying houses”. My answer to that was, not only do I sell and help people buy that are from a mining background, I help people who have nothing to do with the mining industry. I have recently helped a new family from a cattle property out west, just buy a home in Sarina. I have helped a doctor, just new to town, find a home in West Mackay. I just helped a young couple who have normal day jobs in Mackay, buy their first home. I helped an investor buy a unit in the city. I am working with a couple right now from England who are new to town and helping them buy their first home. Only last week I helped a couple buy a property who are now at the retirement phase of their life and live an hour from town at the moment. They just purchased a property in town, so they haven’t got as far to drive as they are getting older. I helped a seller who lives south of Sarina put their property on the market as the seller has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and needs sell their home, as they now have to be close to the hospital for treatment. People buy and sell for lots of reasons. In RealEstate we call it the 3 D’s – Death, Divorce and Debt..So no matter what the mining industry is doing, there is without a doubt, someone going through at least one of these “D” situations right now..Let’s hope not all 3! LOL..

Ok, we are not seeing the huge prices we saw in the last few years, but this was not sustainable and it had to level out eventually. People could not afford to live here and it was putting a huge strain on families and the whole of Mackay. Rentals have also lowered to help the people of Mackay stay in Mackay and not leave to find cheaper alternatives.

Let’s face it. The mining boom has and will continue to contribute to this town and the economy. But it is not the only thing that keeps us going. There is the cattle and cane industry. We have the Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep. We have tourism and not to mention, Mackay is just a great spot to live in Queensland. Let’s all celebrate our town and move on from the mining mentality, get over it and start enjoying what we have in our hands and make Mackay the best town to live in and get the word out, so people start enjoying all we have to offer instead of focusing on what is doesn’t. I have been busier in the last 3 months than I have ever been! While others have been focusing on the negative, gossip, rumour and hear say. I have been focusing on the positive and future and helping my clients of Mackay see firsthand what is going on and getting the results this town, you & all deserves to see!